Upcoming Sessions

New Sessions Starting September 2023

Our next sessions start in September 2023! Find your group below and register now while spaces are still available.

Each session runs for six (6) weeks. Sessions are $295, which includes a $25 fee for supplies. Class sizes are generally kept at four to eight participants. Come dressed in comfortable clothes that will allow for movement and art projects.

Sensory Arts | 4-6 year olds
Please check back soon for Fall dates 

Calming Connection | 7-9 year olds
1:00pm-2:00pm | Sundays | Please check back soon for Fall dates

Calming Connection | 10-12 year olds
11:30am-12:45pm | Sundays | Please check back soon for Fall dates

Calming Connection | 11-13 year olds
2:15pm-3:15pm | Sundays | Please check back soon for Fall dates

Mindful Moments | Teens and Adults
2:30pm-3:30pm | Please email for more info
This class is drop-in only and does not require registration in advance. Payment of $30 will be charged on location. 


Sensory Arts

This class is geared toward younger children (4 – 6) allowing them to explore art, get messy, and meet friends. Each week a new theme is introduced as the kids work on their project which may include painting canvases, finger painting, and much more. The last portion of class is set-up for the kids to enjoy sensory play with shaving cream, jell-o, kinetic sand…the possibilities are endless!

Calming Connection

This class is for our older kids and teenagers. We will use art, play and storytelling to explore emotions, coping skills, and learn ways to connect within a group setting.

Mindful Moments

This drop in group offers a variety of mediums, a meditative environment and supportive space to decompress. Come individually or bring friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other art programs?

Children come to play with art, but in return are also finding ways to manage and cope with everyday stresses and anxiety. Classes are varied and each week they will learn new art mediums.

What should I bring with me?

Come dressed in comfortable clothes that you do not mind getting a little messy and a water bottle. We supply everything else!

What if I cannot make a class?

We currently do not offer make-up classes. However, if a class is canceled by the instructor, we will reschedule with no added fee.

Are caregivers required to stay or help?

This is a drop-off activity for the children to enjoy on their own. We also have a lobby area where you can wait.

Are classes offered any other days of the week?

We currently only offer classes on Sundays. However, we will let you know if opportunities open for more classes during the week.

Does my child need a medical diagnosis to attend?

While the instructor is a licensed therapist and takes a therapeutic approach to lessons, everyone is welcome to attend – with or without a medical diagnosis.

Drop-in Classes

Weekly classes to allow children and teens to use the space freely. There are no guided or directed activities; however, the instructor will be there to assist as needed.

icon of testimonial quotes
A wonderful experience! My children (5 and 3 years old) loved exploring different ways to create art! Mary supports an environment that is safe and comfortable to take chances and imagine.”