About Branches & Brushes

Our Mission

Offer a supportive group environment that allows for healing and learning through art. We encourage individuals to explore their creativity and use their imaginations!

At Branches & Brushes, our goal is to engage children and youth in a welcoming and fun environment. Members connect with peers to support wellness, creativity, and communication. Our instructor, Mary Winstanley, is a licensed Mental Health Counselor and holds a degree in Fine Arts. By combining her vast knowledge in both of these areas, Mary is able to provide support and tools for everyday life. She is also a mom and understands the benefits of children being active through the arts. Mary has had the good fortune of working with many different kinds of people; by age, race, ethnicity, income, as well as geography, and continues to recognize each unique psychology.

Our classes are held at 15 Brook Street, Unit 4, Medfield, MA, which is well-known in the community and provides a great setting for small group work.

Mary Winstanley in Branches and Brushes
Mary is passionate about teaching and sharing her skills with others. Children will be eager to attend classes with her!
Mary Winstanley

Mary Winstanley

Mary Winstanley is a Mental Health Counselor with a degree in Fine Arts and background in teaching. During the week she works with individual clients, but on the weekends she devotes her time to children and teens who can benefit from someone who will listen in a fun environment. Working through art takes the pressure off of sitting one-on-one and lets the student explore their hidden creativity.

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A wonderful experience! My children (5 and 3 years old) loved exploring different ways to create art! Mary supports an environment that is safe and comfortable to take chances and imagine.”